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The BizBizze Idea and Support for Women Association was founded in 2017 to empower women who want to actively participate in social and economic life in a country where the female entrepreneur rate is 8% and the female employment rate is 28%.

Together. Stronger.

With the Entrepreneurship, Employment and Volunteering Programs we have prepared, we aim to provide the support needed by women who are looking for work, who want to strengthen their work life and/or make changes to their career plan. Our goal is to empower women against difficulties in finding or starting a job, raising awareness against gender discrimination in working life, contributing to the movement of women to gain their economic independence, and to be an address that brings together the people and institutions that strive for it.


What do we do?

BizBizze designs and runs activities and programs that can direct women who want to participate in active business life from a single center and facilitate their work and increase their awareness of women’ interests and strengths.

With our training programs, consultancy, guidance, coaching, mentoring, business development and partner market creation services, we facilitate access to the knowledge and support that women need to achieve their dreams and participate in life. We’re creating a network where everyone is part of the programs by bringing together women who have come a long way professionally or as entrepreneurs.

In doing all this, we are working with our members, volunteers and supporters who want to strengthen women’s place in life, make gender equality a built-in social value and become part of an egalitarian solidarity network.