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EN.O Greece (Environment Online GREECE) is an NGO, established in 2012 and residing in the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Our activities range on issues and policies concerning the fields of:

  • Human Rights and Gender Equality,
  • ICT & New Technologies,
  • New Media and Media Literacy,
  • Environment,
  • Art and Culture
  • Job market and employability



Our aims and objectives are;

  • to contribute to social, cultural, artistic, athletic, scientific and professional development of community
  • to increase the active participation of youth and adults to social and economic life actively
  • to improve the sustainable policies
  • to create and provide methods and tools for non-formal education
  • to encourage lifelong learning and research through international co-operations
  • to promote intercultural dialogue and the spirit of friendship and cooperation between countries through exchange programs
  • to promote non-formal education, intercultural dialogue and the exchange of good practices
  • to organize national and international Training courses

EN.O GREECE has 3 branches in Greece and has established co-operations that lead to the support of the actions and activities of the Organization, with several Municipalities and Administrative Regions in Greece.

We started implementing our first mobility activities and projects (in local and international level) in 2007, as an innovative action recognized by the ministry of Education, so we have a high quality of expertise. We are experienced both in the fields of Youth and Adults and we have been officially recognized in 2016 as an Adult Education Training Center.

Some of our working topics are; environment, culture and arts, social inclusion, active citizenship, youth policies and youth participation, intercultural dialogue and promotion of multiculturalism, ICT and new technologies, new media and media literacy, human rights, gender equality, prevention of xenophobia/ extremism/ racism/ radicalization etc. We organize and implement all kind of courses (training courses, language courses etc.), interactive workshops, seminars, conferences, camps, tours, information campaigns.

Website: www.enogreece.org