European Development Network Summit 2019 is Coming Soon!

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Organized by the European Development Network and with the participation of its members, EDN Summit paves the way for new cooperations by gathering network members in the center of Europe; Brussels! In the summit, EU projects that support the regional and global development goals, partnerships and cooperations are promoted. In addition; workshops, sessions and trainings that increase the corporate capacity of the members are organized. Besides, the members get the opportunity to exchange ideas with European Commission representatives.

The following main activities will be carried out at the summit that will be held in Brussels in November 2019 with the participation of the members of the European Development Network:

– Workshops and networking activities for network members to get to know each other and their activities
– Determining the annual working area priorities of the European Development Network and creating a roadmap
– Creation of European Union-funded project idea drafts and consortium for the projects to be applied within the scope of the network according to the pre- determined priorities
– Informing workshops on European Union opportunities for the members which they will be a part of, one-on-one support meetings with EDN Experts (EU Funds, mobility opportunities, professional development opportunities)
– Meetings, seminars, and workshops with representatives from the European Commission department related to the working areas of the network – European Commission Study Visit
– Expert sessions on the current status of the network’s working areas and opportunities
– Sharing of good project/event/business model practices within the network and innovation transfer workshops
– EDN P2P Programme planning – Workshops on how the network operates, its services, expansion, and needs of the network members

The exact dates and final content of the summit will be determined and announced through discussions with network members. The Summit is open to the participation of members of the European Development Network.