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Global Environment Organisation – GEO has started operating in 2012 in Istanbul by the initiative of a group of young people, who have been active as volunteers for nature both in Europe and Turkey since 2005, to broaden their domain by institutionalizing, to reach more volunteers in Turkey first and then to reach the globally determined sustainable development objectives.

With its multidisciplinary board and advisory board which consists of prominent civil society leaders of Turkey who have experience in fields of environment, sustainable development and youth; GEO has become one of the pioneering organizations in its field in Turkey with its volunteers in branches in 25 different cities in Turkey and its successful projects and partnerships with other prominent civil society organizations.

Raising awareness on the issues facing the world today, such as environmental pollution, inefficient use of water resources, deforestation, climate change, biodiversity and wildlife, oceans, seas, lakes, streams and wetlands, soil erosion and food scarcity, agricultural production, also to carry out training and awareness studies, to develop scientific-based and supported research and conservation projects, and to develop studies by developing local, national and international collaborations on the dissemination of the use of renewable energy sources are listed amongst the GEO’s aims.

GEO has its headquarters located in İstanbul and also a Sustainable Development Office within the protected area of the Burdur Lake, in the city of Burdur.

More information about GEO’s work and GEO can be found on the following website;