We are a community where ecologically and socially just producers and buyers who meet their needs from them meet. Our purpose is to make our planet, consumed by our lifestyles, livable again.

As Good4Trust, we are a nonprofit social enterprise. We hope to contribute to the regeneration of both the heart of humans and nature. Local producers make production in cooperation with nature, without poison and waste. They use clean energy, provide fair working conditions, and buyers express their needs, take part in management and transform the system with their preferences and participation.

We work together in a real community that we yearn for. In order for this community to achieve real harmony, we accept the universal values ​​defined as the “golden rule”. We expect that a person or institution; treats beings and nature as they wish to be treated, they do not treat beings and nature in a way they do not want to be treated, they want for them what they want for themselves, and they want it for nature. We believe that an economic system, in which people can live in peace and harmony with nature, can be established.

For this, argues that ecologically and socially fair producers and buyers who will prioritize meeting their needs from them can create a new economic system. This system we call “Prosumer Economy”. brings together the products of ecologically and socially just producers in many categories with buyers who are enlightened, who care about goodness, people and nature. The buyers, which this membership-based system defines as “prosumers”, provide the circularity of this economy by purchasing goods and services that do not harm nature and people, by closing the loop thru prosumption, as producers create a circular economy by making purchases from each other.

The prosumers and producers both contribute to the production processes and can participate in the management. The prosumers, as a community, can transform the production processes of the producers with their high purchasing power. In addition, they take part in the acceptance of the producers into the community and in determining policy with the 7 council members they chose. Thus, all stakeholders can take an active role in becoming a real community that we longed for.