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Originn is a new generation working space and meeting point for entrepreneurs growing together. While bringing its community together in creative, educational activities and workshops it designates, Originn also creates new partnership opportunities. Originn is one of the biggest shared offices in Turkey with its 320 open working area. Besides being a budget friendly working environment for entrepreneurs, it is also frequently used for network developing and new partnerships.

Originn is Izmir’s the first and only co-working area consists of more than 2000 sqm. It is also co-working with the largest physical area in all co-working areas in Turkey. There are more than 200 members from different fields (design, art, technology) working in Originn offices and coworking space. As a key player in Izmir Startup Ecosystem, Originn cooperates with universities, NGOs, development agency, municipalities and companies for many projects. Originn founded the first FoodLab in Turkey with the aim of contributing the local development by means of ‘Food and Service Design’ in Food Industry which is Izmir’s strong asset.

Website: https://www.originn.com.tr