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Prosumer Economy Society was created in December 2015 in Tukey to raise awareness about the social benefits of ecologically and socially just business models. It was established to conduct research and education about the positive effects of the prosumer economy, on protecting the environment and building a sustainable society.

Since its inception, it has worked in different regions of Turkey, to establish a direct relationship between producers who are trying to be ecological and socially just, sustainable, and circular. Prosumer economy is defined as a macro­scale circular economy with minimum negative or positive ecological and social impact, an ecosystem of producers and prosumers, who have synergistic and circular relationships with deepened circular supply chains/networks, where leakage of wealth out of the system is minimised. In a prosumer economy there is no waste, no lasting negative impacts on the ecology and no social exploitation.

The prosumer economy is like a lake or a forest, an economic ecosystem that is productive and supportive of the planet.