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Tepebaşı district, which is located North of Porsuk River, which divides Eskisehir in two, has a population of 370,150 people and has an area of 1,373.40 km2 and consists of 91 neighborhoods.

Tepebaşı district is a district of education and science which hosts two of the most important universities of Eskişehir; Anadolu University and Eskişehir Techincal University. It is the art, culture and attraction center of Eskişehir with its young population and 24-hour living dynamism.

The region where many industrial enterprises such as brick-tile plants, aviation sector are located, the town hall, which provides 20% of its energy from solar panels, is Turkey’s first active energy public building. Tepebaşı Municipality Water Sports Center, which is also the first building in Turkey to receive a gold score rating in Turkey, has the LEED certificate, which is given internationally to the leading building applications in the field of environmentally friendly, energy efficiency, which the municipality has brought to the public service, is within the district limits.

Website: www.tepebasi.bel.tr