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European Development Network is a European Development Institute service that enables the institutions within its reach to access European Union Grants. The institutions within the Network have the aim to make sustainable contributions to the social, economic and cultural development of Europe and its neighbors through the projects and partnerships they develop using these funds. EDN's main thematic working areas:

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European Development Network creates opportunities for its members to come up with new projects by having access to EU fundings and to form partnerships within the scope of various EU projects.

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Access to EU fundings within the scope of the projects that you have developed according to your needs and that you have actively taken part.

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European Development
Network SUMMIT

Organized by the European Development Network and with the participation of its members, EDN Summit paves the way for new cooperations by gathering network members in the center of Europe; Brussels! In the summit, EU projects that support the regional and global development goals, partnerships and cooperations are promoted. In addition; workshops, sessions and trainings that increase the corporate capacity of the members are organized. Besides, the members get the opportunity to exchange ideas with European Commission representatives.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation is what makes
EDN unique!

EDN comprises members from more than 25 countries, primarily from the field of Entrepreneurship & Employment, Culture & Creative Industries and Environmental Issues along with NGOs, universities, municipalities, creative hubs, coworkings, private sector representatives and members from different range of networks. By this means, it creates unique cooperation opportunities by taking advantage of the power of interdisciplinary work.

EDN offers effective services
for its members to support their needs.

European Development Network, with its corporate experience and the expert team, increases its members’ individual and corporate capacities by providing them access to the service and cooperation that they require.

EDN Summit

The summit paves the way for new international cooperations by gathering the network members.

EU Funding

EDN creates opportunities for EU-funded projects, various partnerships and it provides project management support.

Capacity Building

EDN organizes programs, trainings and events within the scope of network’s domain and EU projects which enables international publicity.

Innovation Transfer

The network provides effective and approved solutions for the common problems of the organizations with the usage of best practices and innovation transfer.
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EDN is one of the Europe’s
most active networks regarding EU projects

EDN members have developed and implemented diverse EU projects to date, primarily in the field of Entrepreneurship & Employment, Culture & Creative Industries and Environmental Issues. For the details, please see the “EDN Reports” section.

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Academy of International Techno Entrepreneurship

European Development Network Summit 2019

Climate Action Leaders Network – CLEAN / European Youth Together Project

National Environmental Rights Advocacy Network

European Youth Employment Network – EYEN / European Youth Together Project

Keeping Up With The Digital Age With Roma Youth

G.I.L.M. Project

3I - International Internship Incubation Center

Women in Both Education And Employment / Human Resources Development

Izmir Design Factory

International Green Entrepreneurship & Employment Center

Hack The farm !

Social and Physical Inclusion of Paraplegic Youth By Using VR

European Development Network

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European Development Institute is inviting you to join the most active network that creates strong, tangible impact via EU projects across Europe. For more details, please see the EDN Value Proposition!


EDN gathers the organizations together, supports
them to create effective projects and cooperations and it creates a sustainable positive effect.


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