IMRO-DDKK was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing effective support to environment-friendly policies and initiatives mainly in the geographic areas of Western and Sothern Transdanubia and the border regions of the neighbouring countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Austria) by carrying out a number of projects focusing on environmental protection, urban resilience, humanitarian aid, the promotion of renewable energy sources and energy efficient solutions. IMRO also implements activities which foster the environmentally conscious thinking by applying sustainable lifestyle education methods.

Our organisation has participated in numerous EU-funded projects (Austrian-Hungarian Cross-border Cooperation Program, Interreg Central Europe, EuropeAid, H2020 and Erasmus+ Programmes) dealing with the organisation of professional events, the elaboration of new environmental friendly methodologies, the implementation of new protective structures and the preparation of urban resilience projects in humanitarian crisis zones (Benin, Africa). With the help of these projects, we were able to directly reach and include thousands of persons from our target groups such as municipal decision-makers, educators, kindergarten children, students and parents, as well as other experts and enterprises in the Southern- and Western Transdanubian regions. Due to this engagement, we have established a large communication network on regional, national and international levels as well.

Beside project management, IMRO also pursues asvisory activities as a consultancy in the field of rural development, green entrepreneurship, climate adaptation and mitigation and environemntal learning. In this profile, IMRO was working with the World Bank in 2020 to elaborate the strategic framework of the Croatian-Hungarian cross-border development structure for the next 10 years, thus having a meaningful impact in the regional development policy.

The total value of these projects exceeded 5 million Euros during the last 5 years.